Quick Snippet Laravel – Dynamic Storage Disks – Saving files to a dynamic path

Use Case: You have defined your default disk inside config/filesystems.php but this takes in a fixed value like

'local' => [
    'driver' => 'local',
    'root' => public_path('client_uploads'),

What if the path is stored in a database table and you want to make use of that dynamic value to store your files.


                'filesystems.disks.' . self::$disk => [
                    'driver' => 'local',
                    'root'   => getSetting('upload_dir'),

Use the above snippet in your controller. Use a service provider if you want to use it everywhere. We are using the config helper (that you use to retrieve a config value) for setting a value at runtime.

self::$disk: is just a staic variable storing the name of the disk if the value was 'client_uploads' then the key would become filesystems.disks.client_uploads

getSetting('upload_dir'): is a custom method to fetch the value from a DB table which stores key-values.

Read about syntax of the config helper here

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