About Codisfy

Codisfy.com is my personal journal.

The content presented here is usually the result of notes that I keep of various things I am learning or things that life teaches me even if I am not particularly looking forward to any lessons.

The Idea is, instead of keeping such notes private, keep them open to the public, in a hope that it might be helpful to someone. If not, then at-least I still have a central repository of my learnings, that I can search using Google 🙂 .

The content might not always be reader friendly, the language might be broken or examples not presented well. This might be because of the following reasons:

1. I don’t have great writing skills, but I am looking forward to improving them through a medium like this.

2. As the things written here come from personal experience, the words might be making sense to me as I can relate to them, but others might not make sense of some(or most) of the things.If you have read this, I am already feeling proud and thank you for feeding my ego. If for any reason you feel like getting in touch, use the mediums mentioned here.